Voice Intelligent IOT Applications

Voice Intelligence is a good way to communicate with IOT applications. There are exploding number of IOT devices which gives rice to a need for voice intelligent application to interact with these devices. ArtiE provides a quick way to integrate with these devices and provide a voice intelligent application for these IOT devices that works on any platform like cloud or mobile.

Below are some of the industries where voice intelligence would be useful.

- Home based smart devices

- Smart cars

- industrial robos that work alongside humans to enhance production threshold

ArtiE is a full stack development tool for developers to build end to end IOT solutions. Solutions build using artie works on many platforms like cloud, mobile devices and smart speakers like Alexa and Google home.

There are many advantages in using ArtiE to build voice intelligent IOT applications, which includes the below

- use individual name to address a device

- teach new skills using existing ones

- multi device coordination and orchestration

- single code multi platform, which includes Browser, mobiles devices, Alexa and Google Home

- skill level to develop is less as most of the code is in English